10 Best Western Movies with Great Effect

Occasionally there is no harm to watch Western movies, especially Hollywood Production, because the film western movies are not less cool with Japanese-made films, even western films are more produced first, and experience faster development than films in Asia. The movies that I will recommend is a film Acting Comedy, Comedy, And Robot that most people already know, and I just review the review and Synopsis to attract people who have never watched the film before.

I only give 10 Recommendations for Movie Recommendation for now, and I will give you the following post for, part 2, Guaranteed to Watch Well, following Review of West Film and Western Film Synopsis. We hope you enjoy the journey in Ketengan West Movie film which I think is the Best Western Movie, The Most Popular Western Movie, Best Western Movie, guaranteed you would be addicted to watching it.

The Avengers

The films of the Great Heroes of Kabul’s such as Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Black Widow, Hulk, and his comrades fought together to counter the threat of aliens attempting to attack the earth. In the film, initially the members of The Avengers did not work just as well, somehow they finally succeeded against the enemy, and stop a Portal that makes the Alien can attack the earth, even though their distance to the distant earth. The Avengers will continue, The Avengers second film will be released this year (2015).


ThorOne of the members of The Avengers, only this specifies Thor, where previously he was on a planet outside the earth, where the inhabitants did have some power. Thor was originally known as arrogant, proud, and other negative things, but after thrown to earth, Little by little the personality of Thor changed, the real Antagonist in this film is Loki, who is his sister, in this movie, there are kissing scenes and semi.

Fast and Furious

Maybe this one movie is no stranger to us, A Film Series which until now already has 7 Series Film, and even then the seventh film just released this year, Fast and Furious has a story about Car Racing, because of the many Series Film. I can only describe Fast and Furious as a Car Racing Movie, in this movie you will be able to see the film where the Cars took out NOS, doing Drift, etc.

Resident Evil

Resident EvilThe genre of this film is Zombie, Zombie Film that I think this best has a story where the world suddenly hit by a mysterious virus that spreads with bites, people who bitten to die and rose back into Zombie, Many Conspiracy theories about the virus, from the Virus of Death from hell. Intentionally Made to Create a New Man, Biological Weapon, etc., The Series already has 5 Film Series, the sixth will be released in 2016 with the title “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter”.

Men in Black

Movie Action Comedy, telling the world where in secret turned out to be on Earth is one of the tourist places of the Alien, of course, the Screaming scene in this film is very tense, Guaranteed you wouldn’t regret watching Movie this one, This movie currently has 3 films.


How would it feel if you were pursued and wanted to be killed by Robots coming from the Future even since you were still in Gynecology? This is the film, in the murder of a child in the past who is believed that the child will be the leader of revolutionary forces, Terminator from time to time sent to kill this Child, although there is always another Terminator that protects the child. It’s just, always Terminator that protects the child has a lower specification/strength than the enemy Terminator, that is where the Terminator work in charge of Protecting and the Protected Child to survive from the Terminator of the opponent.

Iron Man

Iron ManIron Man, a man of steel, Tony Stark was the leader of a large arms-making company, one day he was involved in the case of kidnap, because, including a genius, Tony easily make a shirt that can be used to get out of kidnap. It’s just the armor was not perfect, at the time Tony’s sightings had a bad thing and understood a bit about justice in this world that he considered unfair, because it was trying to perfect the armor when it was in his home, born Iron Man.


Ever Seeing The Strength of a Heartfeeding Acceleration Reaction Here is a movie filled with Shot Shot, and Kill kills. The Main Character in the Movie can speed up the heartbeat so that the World is experiencing faster than the world of others, in other words, from The point of view, The world feels so Slow and makes it act faster too.


Still remember the movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) then? In this film, Wolverine faces one of the enemies who are a bit heavy to fight. A former special forces member who became a hit man named Wade Wilson. Wade or Deadpool has been the subject of a dangerous experiment, so it has tremendous power. With such power, Deadpool looks for the man who has ruined his life. The film is lifted from this Marvel comic still starring Ryan Reynolds. Deadpool is expected to feature a new superhero with a strength that is not less great and humor hilarious in every action.

Batman vs. Superman

Batman vs. SupermanCurious! That’s what comes to mind. Curious how a Ben Affleck plays Bruce Wayne aka Batman. Strange how Superman (by Henry Cavill) will fight against Batman. This is what is lifted in this film. The fight between Man of Steel and The Dark Knight. Superhero, our idol Superman against Batman, never imagine not if they will fight each other. The film will also feature a range of other artists such as Jesse Eisenberg, Gal Gadot, Jason Momoa, Ezra Miller, Jeremy Irons, Holly Hunter, Amy Adams, and Laurence Fishburne.

That’s some of the best western film recommendations that should be watched and deserved to be preserved in the world of cinema. Not all western movies contain elements of porn or immoral acts, if we can respond wisely, of course, we must take the positive side of every movie we watch.

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