Things You Can Do at Home over the Weekend

Weekdays are busy days for almost everyone, especially for students. They need to go to school or campus early in the morning and then usually come back home in the late afternoon. Even, sometimes they need to do some group tasks or presentations which make them go back home when the day is already dark. Besides, extracurricular activities also spend their times which usually held outside the house. Therefore, a weekend is the best time for relaxing minds from crowded and hectic schedules. Some kids prefer to spend their weekend in a kind of outdoor activities while some others choose to stay at home. Perhaps, for some people, staying at home sounds so boring and not exciting at all. However, we are surely able to have fun whenever we want.  It is not about the place, but more about what activities that we would like to do. Besides, staying at home will be much cheaper than going to some sites like tourism sites. We will also be easier to do what we want, and of course, there is nothing more comfortable than our own home.

So, these are some exciting things that we can simply do at home over the weekend :

  1. Read Books or Watching Movies

Obviously, this is one of the simplest things to do. If you are a book lover, you can read your favorite book to spend your weekend. Reading your favorite book with a cup of coffee and some potato chips will complete your whole weekend. As you can see, this is not boring at all. Even if you only stay in your room, you can travel through another world, other stories and other characters. Watching movies is also the same. In this global era, you can easily stream a movie you like and watch it till the end. Besides, you also can invite some of your friends to join you watching the movies together and then you can share opinion each other about the movie you have watched.

Also, there are some benefits that we can take from these activities. Reading books and watching movies help us to widen our imagination which can also improve our creativity. Thus, this is what most students mainly need. According to some researchers, creative students can be easier in solving their problems which may come from schools or outside the school activities. In other words, they become more flexible in handling any kinds of situation.

  1. Drawing/Writing Poetry/Making Music

In some cases, some students are good at drawing. Even when they are in class, they prefer to draw on their books rather than take notes of what the teacher has said. Fortunately, they can keep on drawing like this more freely at home and of course in the weekend. There will be more time, and they also will draw more comfortably since they do it at their own home. If you like this too, you can start drawing your own family or anything at home that catches your interest as the objects of your drawing. Later, when it is finished, you can give a beautiful frame and hang it on your room’s wall.

However, if you prefer writing poetry or a story, then you also should give it a try. Not all people are capable of writing a beautiful poetry or a good story. It can be about your good experiences or the sad ones or perhaps other people’s stories so that you can write on as your version of poem or story. One day, you can officially publish these and show to the world that your works are worth to enjoy.  Additionally, if you are more into music, like playing musical instruments, this is also the same. Start creating music every weekend at home then you can have your song that is ready to publish.


  1. Playing Games

Games are full of fun, and almost everyone loves playing games. If you feel frustrated by the assignments and the exams in the school, you can spend your weekend by playing your favorite games. However, when playing games,  you also need to consider other things. For example, you are not allowed to spend the whole time playing games in front of your computer or television because it can impact your sights. It is good if you want to play games to help you relax your mind. However, sometimes, when we play games we will forget about the time. We are too excited about the games displayed in front of us. Even, some people can play games until midnight or more.  So, the good thing to do is that you may play games every weekend but not the whole weekend until you forget to give yourself rest.

  1. Decorating Your Bedroom

In the weekend, if you stay at home, probably you may be at your room the most. When you look around your bedroom, do you ever think that your room needs to give some changes? Then, the weekend is the right time! You can start by cleaning your room, like tidying your books, your dresses, and other stuff. You also may change your bed sheets and try to change it with something that can boost your mood. Maybe you can pick the sheets with your favorite color or your favorite characters and many other. Besides, if you think that your room needs to get more decorations, then you should give some, like posters of your favorite band, the doodle arts you draw yourself, pictures of school activity and many things. After finish decorating your bedroom, feel a new atmosphere and enjoy a new-like bedroom.

So, those are some activities that you can do at home over the weekend. If you are a type of person who prefers home than other places, then you may try one of those recommended activities to do. There are still lots of things you can do at home. You can do exercising, planting, etc. Choose the best activity that can help to relax your mind because the weekend is the right time for you to give time for your body to take some rests so that you can go back doing your tight schedules in a healthy body and of course healthy mind.

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